Why do I like bloggers?

I love bloggers because they will talk about anything. This works out well for me because I will read about pretty much ANYTHING. I love to get to know people. I think it’s fantastic to get to know the world from anybody’s point of view and not always just from the point of view of CNN or television news. Too much is carefully hidden or censored in favour of ratings. I’m not saying I want sensationalism. If that were the case, I’d be happy just watching FOX.

Why should I care what a stranger in another part of the world is doing and how they see their world? Why shouldn’t I? The Internet has made this world much smaller and it feels like I can almost walk over to any old country and check it out. That’s just plain cool.

So, I think every now and then I would like to just throw out a mention to a blog that I’ve come across. Today, I was led (by CNN) to a blog belonging to a 9-year-old girl in Scotland.

Some time ago, I recall watching Jamie Oliver bring his efforts to better feed school children to the U.S. and how interesting I found it that many schools in the U.S. require the children to eat lunches provided by the school. Following that, I was more than a little dismayed to see what the children were forced to eat and while I don’t strictly care all that much for ‘cooking’ shows, I enjoyed watching Jamie’s great efforts to educate governments on ways they could improve the diets of children in school.

Back to Scotland… Martha Payne goes by the name VEG (Veritas Ex Gustu, truth from tasting in Latin) and takes a photo of her school lunch each day. Following a criteria she set out on her own, she critiques the lunches on her blog. As you can well imagine, this blog has gone viral and through all the positive feedback, she has also received some not so positive attention.

Among her followers, she boasts students, teachers and parents who send her photos of their own school meals and sometimes their critiques. Not only has Martha been able to learn about various places in the world (her father tests to see how long it takes her to find a place on a map), she learns about their diets and food preferences. I’d say that’s a grand education for a young girl.

But more importantly, she has drawn attention to an issue that is worldwide – are our school children being fed properly? This is extremely effective use of social media by a 9-YEAR-OLD, no less. In addition, this effort has raised incredible amounts of funding for Mary’s Meals, a global movement to set up school meals for poor communities.

So, Martha, good for you, girl. Also, you’re a pretty good writer. Keep at it.

Photo Credit: Photo by Rex / Rex USA (1043010a)