And so it is spring… almost.

I can’t tell you how relieved I am. Today, I walked to the store without my fingers going numb on the walk back and the air was so fresh (well, as fresh as it can be this close to a city). Coming out of 4 days worth of coughing, choking, gasping, sleeping and all-around feverish sickness into a day like today was nice.

I’ll just say it – winter sucked this time around. While last winter we dealt with far worse snow conditions and what seemed to me to be a lengthier wait for the warmer weather, (I know, flurries are in the forecast this week – it’s a minor glitch that won’t last), this winter seemed like blow after blow of just plain crap.

So yes, I went on this walk – something I was unable to do most of the winter and not because of the cold so much as the fact that my ankle refused to heal from my Christmas Day sprain for a very long time. While I managed minor excursions such as a staff party and a trip into Toronto with Liz to check out apartments, I mostly opted to just sit and stew in my own indoor misery.

Winter was topped off by not one, but two deaths. This on the tail-end of the loss of a friend to breast cancer last year. Elderly relatives dying is one thing, but seeing the light snuffed out of someone who has clearly demonstrated they are not ready to go in any way is just puzzling to me. The only slightly bright spot I saw was the possibility of getting together was some very dear, old friends to mourn the loss of one of ours. That possibility became an impossibility when I got sick this past week.

I’ve been holed up in this house for days with my only contact being electronic, save for Michael who is now paying with a fever, cough, cold to call his very own. Sorry about that, Mike. Miraculously, Harrison seems to be unscathed and I suppose I will have to thank Flintstones vitamins for that one.

Now it’s time to open all the windows and put away the shovel (and the damn crutches) and pick up after what winter left behind. After I get Mike’s fever down and we both stop running for the Buckley’s, I’m certain we’ll be able to enjoy the spring – and hopefully with some friends that I so wish I’d been able to connect with after this ridiculously stupid winter.